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Third, maybe the filenames are remote files, files in another directory, or any number of other reasons.

The answer to all of the above is glob (assuming you don't need to recurse subdirs). Most shells do expand filenames, and for the special case Win32, there is a workaround available (see also Re^3: Perl Rename). Butt ugly, loaded with bug-compatibility back to DOS 1.0, and in desperate need of a clean rewrite, but still a shell, like its slightly uglier father Cygwin offers a bash running on top of Windows, and I would be very surprised if it did not expand filenames.

This means that if the left part is TRUE, we already know the whole expression will be TRUE, and the right side is not executed. If you try the script with the above change you will get an error message: That's much better. That greater-than sign in the open call might be a bit unclear, but if you are familiar with command line redirection then this can be familiar to you too.

OTOH if the left hand side is FALSE then the right hand side is also executed and the result of that is the result of the whole expression. In the above code we don't check the actual resulting value of the logical expression. Otherwise just think about it as an arrow showing the direction of the data-flow: into the file on the right hand side.

Chapter 19 in the Camel book is where I learned it from, though.

To explain what I posted (in a hopefully logical order): The -e is telling perl that whatever I've put in quotes after it (i.e.

Lots of Perl programs deal with text files such as configuration files or log files, so in order to make our knowledge useful it is important at an early stage to learn about file handling.

[B] Actually, I've found nothing better online than perlrun, which runs through all the command line switches you can use.This article shows how to write to a file using core perl.There are much simpler and more readable ways to do that using Path:: Tiny.In fact, every time you run the program, it adds another "Bob" to the end of the file.This is happening because the file was opened in append mode.

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Reading a file is done in Perl by opening a filehandle to a specific resource.