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Patrick stump dating history

There is no standing reward for the capture of murderers and no incentive for ferreting out suspicious cases.

No man feels like devoting a day and perhaps many days of his time for the small amount of glory which will be thereby reaped.

All the officers and members of the club did their best to amuse their guests and succeeded while enjoying themselves at the same time.

The "Nellie Bly" is now in full commission for the season.

The rumor of a woman being murdered and her head found along the bank of the lake came to Pottsville late yesterday afternoon and Chief of Police Davies with Officers Graeff and Spencer drove to the Run where they made an investigation.They were able to see the scenery all right but sorry to relate the blood had disappeared under the influence of the rain and snow.The explanation of De Napoli is not accepted by many who believe that there was entirely too much blood to have come from a dog, even a large dog.Below are three articles from the Pottsville Republican surrounding a mysterious case that occurred at Tumbling Run in January 1907.Read all three and enjoy the sensationalism and style of the news reporting of the period.

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The murder theory is discounted by the fact that the hair found had the appearance of having been combed from the head and rolled into a ball.

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