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Outlook display name not updating

To clear the old names out in part or in whole, follow the appropriate instructions below.

On this page: Back to top To empty your entire resolver cache and start over, see below.

You can also specify Exchange as a valid recipient for this property.

If you configure a mailbox to accept messages only from the Exchange recipient, the mailbox receives only system-generated messages.

I tried rebuilding the OAB in Exchange Manager but it threw an error: There are no bindings, Facility: Win32, ID no: c00706b6I deleted the Offline Address book and added it back, did a rebuild and then forced an update on the client (send/receive offline address book)Seems fine now..what caused the glitch?You will not be renamming the username or the password. The username will remain the same unless you change that also. Hey all, having a "fun" issue....CEO is using Outlook 2010 and created a contact group in his Outlook and put a bunch of contacts in there...issue he is having right now is that he wants to change the display name of the contact in the group..example: The contact group name is "Reports"in it there are the below contacts and how they are displayed User AUser BUser CRight now for User A it is showing the email address under "Name" column in the contact group, not the details that are listed in the "display as" field in the contact, when I try to change the display as field to something random to see if it changes how it shows in the contact group, it still only shows the email address Any ideas?For example, if you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server account, your nickname cache is stored in a hidden message in your mailbox. I've change the Display name in ADUC MMC on the Ex server.

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You can use the Update Mailbox activity to modify the settings of an existing mailbox in an on-premise or online environment. Com/ Users/JPhilips Display Name, example: Jeff Philips Distinguished Name (DN), example: CN=JPhilips, CN=Users, DC=Atlanta, DC=Corp, DC=contoso, DC=com Domain\Account, example: Atlanta\JPhilips GUID, example: fb456636-fe7d-4d58 -9d15-5af57d0354c2 Immutable ID, example: [email protected] Exchange DN, example: /o=Contoso /ou=Administrative Group /cn=Recipients/cn=JPhilips SMTP Address, example: Jeff.

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