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Online dating opposites

Her favorite Catholic writers are Czeslaw Milosz, Miguel de Unamuno, Sr.Juana Ines de la Cruz, OSH, Shusaku Endo, and Anthony Burgess. If political dating sites increase the amount of politically-similar couples, will this increase the political polarization of the country?While online dating sites have always sorted potential matches by interest, and many times religion, the increase with sorting potential matches by political preference runs counter to our traditional notions of love overcoming obstacles.She loves being in New York City and plans on living out her days next to St. "Because Liberals Just Don't Get It." -The tagline for dating site Conservatives So much for love knowing no boundaries.There is a growing niche in online dating where having boundaries is exactly the point.Political differences within couples is often an emotional landmine leading to arguments, so it makes logical sense to separate potential couples based on their political leanings.

Teaching is our chosen profession, and we have similar education levels.

Researchers in the study found that participants were more attracted to the scents of similar ideologies.

The accepted concept that opposites attract has pervaded popular culture and societal thinking to the point that it is now a commonly held belief.

There may also be a scientific reason for the political sameness of most relationships.

researchers found that part of the reason that people tend to be with someone of shared ideology stems from our nose.

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