Online dating chart spreadsheet

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I think he took that seriously and was really looking for a girl."Beidaut has harsher words for the woman who sent around the spreadsheet."Why would she send it to the whole world?

You may not have heard of Tableau, the Seattle-based software firm that helps Fortune 500 companies make sense of their massive spreadsheets. But Dave Story, who left his job as the CTO of Lucasfilm to become Tableau’s vice president for mobile growth, is hoping to change that.

Elastic is an attempt to reinvent the spreadsheet for mobile users.

The program then allows users to home in on categories and compare, say, a Fitbit user’s exercise states week vs.The fast-growing company, which began at Stanford in 2003, is taking its data visualizations to the casual user, aiming to reinvent the spreadsheet for the tablet age—and in the process, it hopes, beating Microsoft or Google to the punch. It’s achieved 2 million in annual revenue, with an impressive 78% growth rate.Its free platform, Tableau Public, boasts over 60,000 users—people in business, academia, government, and journalism—and publishes about 5,000 shareable data “workbooks” each week, the company says.For some strange reason, he actually does."The email ended, "Just when I thought I had seen it all...."Merkur did not respond to requests for comment from But some of the women are not thrilled with the newfound attention.The highest score for "online appearance," a 9.5, went to Liliana Beidaut, who Merkur noted "looks beautiful; from coastal Romania; Chanel make-up artist.""I've gotten a lot of calls from random people saying, 'Oh, you're the 9.5,'" Beidaut told

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