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Over time it will be harder to change that path, just like it is harder to learn a second language after you grow up.Sure people will have tendencies, but I think that the final outcome will be from a series of choices each person makes.But it takes a while for HIV to fully develop into the condition called AIDS.People who have AIDS are still HIV positive and can transmit the virus to others.On the other hand having a true Christ-like lifestyle and having truly Christian loving values is not a matter of choice. However, as an adult, I must say, I wouldn't trade being a gay man for anything in the world.It has enriched my life in ways that I could never have imagined when I was that scared, lonely, closeted little boy.

When someone gets HIV, that person can transmit the infection to other people immediately.

In fact, only one third of the women who initially identified as lesbians at the start of the research project reported exclusive sexual attractions and behavior toward women over the course of the study.

So this research could explain how Anne Heche, after being in a relationship with Ellen De Generes, could then go on to to marry a man.

Maybe Anne Heche and some of the respondents in my study are being pressured to "pick one sex, dammit, and stick with it! If it is really OK, we should be as accepting of a person who has a relationship with a man and then a woman as we would of someone who usually eats vanilla ice cream and then decides to start eating pistachio. Sex between two consenting adults, like eating ice cream, should be about pleasure, personal preferences, or expressions of love and affection, not about social rules and definitions.

However, in order to support the people in our lives who are struggling with their sexual orientations, we must reluctantly leave Utopia and remember that we live in a world that puts limits on people's sexual inclinations and punishes those who don't follow the rules.

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Even though I had never ever met or known a homosexual and had never ever heard of homosexuality I could easily imagine how wonderful it would be to be gay and fall in love with the boy next door instead of his sister. I think that's why some people choose to be dumb too.

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