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Always write clean, correct code and then optimize only when and where profiling indicates you need it.

In a typical UI-driven application, the single biggest bottleneck is almost always the user, followed by network access, and then disk access.

ARC takes care of releasing your (strong) or (retain) instance variables at -dealloc time, but it does it directly, rather than by calling your custom setters.

So if your custom setters have other side effects (like invaliding timers) you must still make sure to invoke them yourself.

You should not rely on a synthesized getter or setter having the proper symmetrical behavior to any custom getter or setter you write.When a class has no instance variables, omit the @private declaration, and even omit the opening and closing braces of the data member section.NEVER use more than one return-statement in a method, and only then as the last statement of a method that has a non-void value-type. NEVER return it prematurely using a return-statement.However, when I show these practices to other developers, they frequently raise one big objection… If you can show me any case where code written in conformance to any of the following policies has become the performance bottleneck, you have my blessing to optimize that code with an exception to the policy, as long as how you’re breaking the policy and why are clearly documented in the code.These policies target code safety, clean memory management, understandability, and maintainability. Nonetheless, writing code with performance in mind is never the way to go first.

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ARC handles a lot of this for you, but you should still be generally knowledgable of what is going on behind the scenes.