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New york ithaca dating

They also are located very close to the vineyards and many beatiful state parks with waterfalls, etc.They are about 2 and a half hours drive to NYC, depending on how fast or slow you drive OMG!The transient nature of the community means that people are generally more open to new relationships than in small-town America generally. I'm a retired college prof and I live in Binghamton.There surely are plenty of single men, though probably not the wealthy kind. I travel to Ithaca and find it to be a nice college town. They are also known for being "green" with a lot of people biking into work and there is an emphasis on "all natural" and/or vegetarian way of life.

Honestly I can't stand Los Angeles anymore and am ready to escape.

If you stay after your degree you are either very lucky or likely vastly overqualified for your job.

The outdoors there is vastly different from Boulder but equally welcoming in its own way.

I will say that Ithaca has a lot to provide outdoors regardless of what weather it is.

In the winter, they are right next to the ski resorts.

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There is a local newspaper, The Itahca Journal, that you read online which may give you a "feel" for life, both social and academic. Being a Vegetarian you may really like Ithaca, they are home to the Moosewood restuarant.