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Instead, Clinton Defense Secretary Les Aspin replaced the risk rule in 1994 with the "Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule," still the military's official policy.

Aspin's rule gave women more options than the risk rule, but it also severely constrains them, excluding them from ground combat that could involve hostile fire and physical contact "well forward on the battlefield." His rule also gave the services broad discretion to further restrict women from positions that entail physically demanding tasks, special operations, direct combat, stationing or cohabitating with combat troops and a lack of privacy. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and a global "war on terror," America's definition of combat radically changed. An April report by the Congressional Research Service argues that the Defense Department's embrace of counterinsurgency strategies should prompt officials to rethink more than 14,325 positions.

For Operation Desert Storm, the Army assigned her as a flight-surgeon to an attack-helicopter battalion, directly contravening the risk rule. "One time, it didn't go all that well," she deadpans.

You know, women aren't supposed to be in combat, Cornum recalls a colleague telling her at their staging grounds in Saudi Arabia just before the U. On the last day of the war in 1991, Cornum's Black Hawk was downed by Iraqi forces during a rescue mission.

That's more than six times the number of women deployed in the first Gulf War and more than 35 times the number sent to Vietnam. While more than 2 million women have served since the Revolutionary War, some 1.9 million of them are currently living -- an unprecedented generation of women at war. Scott Applewhite) Yet while women are undeniably at war, the full extent of their roles and capabilities still isn't formally recognized by the military brass.

While the 1994 rule bars women from being officially assigned to combat units, they can still be assigned to support positions "attached to" combat units.

Thousands of the "new" positions opening to women are just formal assignment, rather than attachment, to units they already serve with, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez.

"Women have shown immense courage and have contributed greatly to our mission -- we simply could not accomplish our objectives without them," Patton, who served as a top commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, says in an email.

This line of reasoning also acknowledges that the military has for years tacitly violated the spirit of its own policy, if not the letter.

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At the report's release in February, the DOD announced plans to open 14,325 more jobs -- an additional 1.2 percent of that total -- slated for implementation on Monday.