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I smiled to myself when I remembered that James had told me to fax them. I thought, wishing I was with him, so I could tease him about using an antiquated fax machine instead of email.

I just wanted to go home, sleep, and wake up the day James was flying back into town. As I pulled into my apartment complex my jaw dropped. I looked and saw the cars of my two best friends, Sue and Samantha, parked in front of our apartment.

"Honestly, I don't know what it's worth Sam," I said, as I refilled my wine glass. "See the Land Rover parked in front of the sidewalk," I said, taking another sip of wine.

I knew their jaws were dropping open and I didn't even have to look at them.

"Okay Melanie, enough with the suspense, time to start dishing," Samantha said, grinning at me.

I also saw my roommate Rachel's car so I knew all three of them had to be inside.

Sue and Samantha never come over on a Monday afternoon, I smelled an ambush.

Rachel poured me a glass of wine and we all sat down on the sofa and loveseat in the small living room.

As Rachel handed me a glass of wine she said, "Sam, do you know what happened to Mel this weekend, because we had made plans to go to the Ghost Bar on Saturday night, but she stood me up and then was nowhere to be found." Samantha laughed and said, "The last I heard Sue made her go to some fancy soirée at the Paris and no one has seen her since." I found it hilarious that they were talking about me as if I wasn't in the room.

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"Sue, can you give us a recap of the events of Friday evening, so we know that the record is correct before we continue," she said, making all three of them laugh, while I shook my head, trying not to smile and encourage them.