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Matt giraud and megan joy dating

As of this writing (August 2010), American Idol has been the top ranked TV show on television for six consecutive seasons! There have only been two other series that even made it for five consecutive seasons.

While everyone refers to the show as simply "American Idol" today, its original title was "American Idol: The Search For a Superstar".

When you consider that American Idol is a 60 minute series that airs two or three times per week compared to those other shows that were broadcast for 30 minutes once each week, the feat of becoming number one becomes almost unbelievdable!

They were first, "All in the Family" and then "The Cosby Show".

Simon Cowell said she had a seriously good voice and he loved it and Kara Dio Guardi said that Joy was an interesting girl and that she had an incredible face.

With funding by her fans through Kickstarter, Joy was able to compose her self-titled debut EP.

Backers of the project received the EP on April 27, 2012.

She has stated that she is musically inspired by, among others, Bjrk after listening to her when she was 16.

Joy revealed that she "tried out for everything I could think of during junior high, in high school - didn't make anything," she added that "Even the choir that anyone can be in, I wouldn't even make like a silly little solo." "It was sad," Joy said.

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