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Make dating smooth sailing

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Although it may start with a date or dates, it’s not about dating at all. Yes, dating IS a fundamental way to meet someone terrific, but most people jump off of the boat too early, try to sail against the current, or attempt to speed up with way too big a sail.

The key to success, says Lenartowski, is quality at the "same or higher level than other yards in Europe" but prices that are "still a little bit lower", 15 percent on average."Clients are comparing us to the best-known Italian brand in terms of craftsmanship," he said.

Industry insider Superyacht Business magazine recently carried an eight-page spread hailing the competitiveness of Sunreef and three other home-spun Polish superyacht-makers, Galeon, Conrad and YBM.

The four firms are the stars among Poland's 100 yacht yards that, all told, build around 20,000 boats per year costing an average 9,000 euros -- mostly small and mid-sized motor and sailing yachts from six to 10 metres, according to POLBOAT."Poland today is one of the leading players in boat production in Europe up to 10 metres," said POLBOAT's Scott.

"The share on the European market is significant," he said, with French and Italian yacht-makers the main rivals.

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Their vessels measure 58 to 114 feet (17 to 35 metres) with "competitive" prices from 850,000 to 10.5 million euros ($1.22-14.5 million).