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“While we had discussions with more than 50 private equity firms, strategic buyers and other investors, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our plan to secure a viable buyer of the business on a going-concern basis within the expedited timeline set by our creditors,” president and CEO Bob Riesbeck said.

The affected stores are not the usual underperforming stores.

A written inventory listing each item, including a photograph, a written description and an asking price provides a business record of the sale for legal and tax purposes.

A business owner may split items among several liquidators to maximize revenue from the liquidation of each item.

WInding down a business is a straightforward process.

The company notifies its employees, its vendors, its creditors and its customers that it is closing up shop.

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The company may get more money for its inventory this way, but it may take longer to sell the products and receive payment.

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