Linked cells in excel not updating

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Feel free to post what you come up with so someone can check it for you. I did end up using your suggestion - starting with the Macro recorder, testing and tweaking, recording some more, getting guidance from Mr, more testing and tweaking, and this is what I ended up with. But if they are not opened then all of my INDIRECT() function links return a #REF! If I were to "hardcode" the links: in my summary file (workbook) then I am given the option to update links when I open the file. One of the 66 new functions they give you is INDIRECT. Protect Drawing Objects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True ' End Sub Sub Copy And Save() ' Dim wb Summary As Workbook Dim wb Sum Values As Workbook Dim str File Name As String Dim str File Name Trim As String ' Set wb Summary = Active Workbook str File Name = wb Summary. Copy Set wb Sum Values = Active Workbook wb Sum Values. Even then the INDIRECT() function links are not updated. By correct this I mean that I would like to open my summary file (workbook) and have any and all links updated / refreshed without having to open additional files (workbooks). Excel is programmed to only recognize the INDIRECT function when the referenced sheet is open. EXE which addresses the exact problem you are experiencing. The only thing that the summary file (workbook) is used for is to view and / or print. Also, I use the change links button to go and update my links, you'll notice that the numbers I've linked are no longer highlighted in red. To correct this you will either have to move your Excel Data back to the original location, or update your links. Or you can relink the cells by highlighting your range, clicking the "Add" button and checking of the appropriate time periods.

In doing so I change the position of the "Liked Sheet" tab from 1st to 3rd. Next, after making changes to the Excel workbook I go back into Plan Guru and try to "Refresh Excel Links" but my values don't get updated correctly. To investigate, I click on the "Link Test Category" and click the change links button. When the link to Excel interface is open, you'll notice that the focus is no longer on the correct tab.I have an issue with links to other workbooks updating (or actually not updating). Department managers complete financial projection files (workbooks). I have prepared a summary file (workbook) that will pull data from each of the departmental files. Screen Updating = False ' End Sub Sub JVPEnd Info() ' Application. Screen Updating = True ' Msg Box "Report update process completed! Close False ' End Sub Sub Open Group Files() ' Dim int Counter As Integer Dim arr File Names As Variant Dim wb Summary As Workbook ' arr File Names = Array("B10", "B13", "B16", "B19", "B22") Set wb Summary = Active Workbook ' Application.

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Automatic update of the embedded and linked objects is extremely powerful feature of Microsoft Word, but it could be boring for a large document.