Leah pipes dating

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Leah pipes dating

Leah's departure from the show should have created an outpouring of love and support from her fans for all the spirit she's brought to Cami's character of the years — and that's it!

At first glance, viewers may think that Cami doesn’t stand a chance on The CW’s new series, “The Originals.” But, Leah Pipes says viewers may be wrong.

And I played until I was sixteen, so for thirteen years, and I love it.

We snuck a peek at the DVD (out August 19) and are totally lovin’ its super funny, talented star, Leah Pipes, and know you will, too.She’s more than an awesome athlete and amazing actress—she’s totally someone we would want as our BFF, playing for our team.We caught up with Leah as she talked sports, family and boys.And so I actually went through very, very similar things with my own dad. I'm really bad, to the point where they had to get someone to do some of the scenes for me, because it was a joke to put me on the field with these girls and make me look like the talented one, when that was far from the truth.Of course he completely supports me now, and in the things that I do now, but at the time, he was really, not disappointed but I think sad that I decided to stop playing and started pursuing something else. Leah: They had me do intense training with two different trainers to try to get me into shape and get my skills up to par.

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