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"That challenge is ongoing, and we will relish touring all over the UK next summer, getting up close to so many who have supported us over the years.” The Pretenders' latest album Alone is their 10th from the band who brought the world tunes including Stop your Sobbing, Brass In Pocket and I’ll Stand By You since forming in 1978.Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005, they will perform new material and some of their greatest hits on stage.The merch she hawks on tour I use a company called Sandbag, which was partly set up by Radiohead, and do a complete set of eco-aware merchandise.Her favorite place on Earth The Isle of Skye in Scotland.Her self-deprecating anecdote about that career-making Jools Holland performance of the song was, for once, genuinely amusing.It was a reminder of the more interesting, offbeat artist she could’ve become had she not decided to focus on beige Fleetwood Mac knock-offs instead.

Meanwhile, her mother is perched in a guest box dressed as David Bowie and all her band and crew are in costume.Walk Between Worlds’ is their 17th album of new material.They will be playing hits from throughout their 40-year career.The sustainable fashions she most likes to wear Katharine Hamnett T-shirts, Linda Loudermilk dresses.Toys she used to make the new album They are both vintage Gretsch electric guitars.

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A complaint often levelled at touring musicians is they don’t say enough to the audience, but you couldn’t possibly say this about Tunstall, who chose her stage name to distinguish herself from Katie Melua and as a subtle homage to PJ Harvey, although apparently she also considers Kate to be a somewhat boring name.

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