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Probably their highest profile advertising campaign in this time period was the placement of innumerable signs on entrance doors at many types of stores reading "Come in...

it's Kool inside", indicating that the space is air-conditioned; some survive to this day.

In 1971, a team of ethnographic researchers conducted focus groups with 24 African American young men in Chicago to explore the men’s sense of identity as well as their hopes and frustrations.

The authors concluded that although the African American men strived for social and economic success, they were constantly turned away by racism and poverty.

Today, young white smokers are six times more likely than young African American smokers to smoke Marlboro (cigarette)|Marlboros, and the pattern is reversed for Kools.

A fascinating new paper by Cameron White and colleagues discusses the different masculine idenities created by the tobacco industry in the 1960s for white and black male smokers.


In March 2004, it was reported that Brown and Williamson had begun promoting new versions of Kool cigarettes that were likely to draw attention not just for their high-design packages but also for their flavors: Caribbean Chill, Midnight Berry, Mocha Taboo and Mintrigue.This scientific report was not intended for academic seminars or journals, however.Rather it was written for tobacco executives at RJ Reynolds.The constant striving – and constant disappointment – had led to a kind of inversion of masculinity like "a photographic negative".Detachment, an ironic sensibility, and a perverse pride in being "bad" were the typical responses to this marginal status.

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Spud cigarettes, introduced in 1927 by the Axton-Fisher Tobacco Company, had been the first menthol cigarette to be distributed and marketed nationwide, but Kool quickly overtook them in sales.