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Along with the Yogscast and Totalbiscuit, Jesse was one of the main providers of beta coverage, which earned him his initial subscribers, and got him in contact with the mentioned youtubers.

However the name itself has changed its meaning as time has passed.

Since its disappearance, and Jesse's change of content, the name then became "One Moderately Funny Gamer constantly annoying the audience", to better fit the channel's content.

The channel is no longer called OMFGCata, having changed its name to simply "Jesse Cox".

He continued to be a member of TGS network after it rebranded to the Polaris network.

An adult magazine cover featuring her as Jesse Jane was then shown onscreen.In 2010, after being "let go" from his job, and finding himself with a lot of free time and some saved up money, Jesse upgraded his computer and equipment, and started working on his hobby as a You Tuber.Eventually, his early success allowed him to make a career out of this media, which continually grows to this day. He was a member of The Game Station (TGS) network, participating in a range of their content, most notably being one of the hosts of the TGS Podcast .This leads him to occasionally being regarded as a man-child, but his knowledge of the game's industry, real life issues and topics, and pop culture is well known among his peers, fans and viewers.His channel's name derives from the very first piece of content to which it was dedicated, which was the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta.

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In 2015 interview, she announced she no longer goes by the name "Jesse Jane" but rather "Jesse".