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Jeep dating

It came in many different varieties, and has a cult following of its own.As you read this FAQ, please note that most dates given are plus or minus one year.There have been a number of people who have reportedly found J-series pick-ups with 1988 VIN plates.Joe Schaefer explains the J-Series numbering systems: The M-715 was a military vehicle based on the same SJ platform as the civilian versions.Full-sized Cherokees ended production in 1983, and should not be confused with the smaller XJ-based Cherokees that started production in 1984 and continue to this day.The Gladiator truck was the pick-up version of the Wagoneer.

It boasted technological advances such as independent front suspension and an overhead cam engine. The Wagoneer was always a high-priced luxury off-roader.What could have been had they added EFI, ABS, and air bags?Maybe today there would be 8.0 liter V-10 or Cummins diesel powered Grand Wagoneers out on the road!It was the yellow truck driven by Helen Hunt that was sucked up by the tornado.You can also play six steps to Kevin Bacon with a Gladiator in Tremors.

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This is due to the fact that Jeep has been notorious for blurring the lines between production years.