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In the addition to the group's filmmaking career, Wong Fu Productions has organized a series of multidisciplinary concerts in California.The concert series, International Secret Agents (ISA), featured musical disciplines from urban dance to deejaying with Asian American guest artists such as Far East Movement.

In 2010, ISA was held in New York City for the first time.In 2011 she also appeared in the role of Gia in the monster film Mega Python vs. In 2009 Cho appeared in Season 5, Episode 19 ("Communication Breakdown"), of the CBS show CSI: NY, in the supporting role of Gahee Paik, the daughter of a Korean father suspected of murder.In 2014, Cho joined the TV series Teen Wolf as Kira, starting as a recurring character in season 3 but promoted to a main cast role in season 4.Wong Fu has also expressed interest in holding future ISA concerts in Washington, D. They also had another ISA concert in Los Angeles on September 5.On March 30, 2013, ISA held and filmed their first game show at You Tube Space Los Angeles.

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In May 2010, Wong Fu Productions and Ryan Higa opened talks about creating a major film.

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