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Iraqi dating websites

This may be valid since some historians say that if it was not for the Qur’an then Arabic as a language would probably had never made it outside the Arabian peninsula, and maybe I would not be writing on this blog.The Arabs before the advent of Islam were a people of the oral tradition, because of this they possessed faultless memories, were living to survive in the harsh conditions of Arabia- and their oral tradition was an inseparable part of desert Bedouin life .

However, she believes that Arabizi will never be a formal written language.Some find it difficult to change the keyboard language each time they want to write in Arabic, in addition to some locals not being fluent in Arabic due to having lived abroad for a long time. I don’t like to write in Arabic; that’s why I think Arabizi is brilliant,” Ibrahim said.Many consider the Arabic alphabet more complicated and difficult than the English. “I bought a T-shirt a couple of weeks ago at a Tahlia Street shop written on it was “a7la Lu’3ah” — the most beautiful language. in linguistics, said that she wouldn’t call Arabizi a mainstream language.However, most of these in the beginning had the ability to communicate only in English rather than in Arabic, and some still lack the Arabic alphabet feature.As a result, Arabic speakers, in order to ease communication, transliterate (write a letter or word using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language) the Arabic text into English, creating what is called “Arabizi.” Since some Arabic letters do not have an exact equivalent in English, Arabic speakers use numerals and other symbols such as apostrophes to make it sound more appropriate.

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