Invalidating environment borderline personality personals and dating and match and yahoo and cupid

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Invalidating environment borderline personality

My sister, who was “healthy” and understood nothing about me, at one point yelled at me and told me that she didn’t care that I was depressed and that it was my fault.

Any feeling, desire, wish, or anything at all that I expressed that meant something to me, was brushed off, ignored, denied, or just flat out degraded.

I know a lot of people experience some really traumatic childhood experiences. I mean I have a very good relationship with my parents.

There is something that I found to be traumatic for me but on paper it could sound positive though.

When I first told her about my diagnosis with BPD, she again brushed it off and chose not to believe it.

I was “overreacting”…and so we never talked about it again. On one hand it felt like the end of my life, but somehow at the same time it felt like a new beginning.

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Because he still feels and knows that something isn’t right, he doesn’t trust others either because they never seem to help him, let alone validate that what he says he feels is real.