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In most things to ‘fail again, fail better’ is a noble pursuit, but in love if we believe the answer to our question “Do you love me?

” is “No” or “I’m not sure” too often, you can do real damage to your own heart and your mate’s.

We may be watching an episode of Spongebob, and something Patrick does will trigger a domino-effect of seemingly unrelated thoughts that will lead a conclusion, out of nowhere. We just don’t enjoy keeping up with small talk and polite chatter.

Get us on a topic we’re passionate about and you won’t shut us up. Sometimes, our minds will drift in the middle of a conversation, and we’ll lose track of who’s saying what.

(ESFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ, INFJ)All FPs use the mental process “Authenticity” to make decisions.

Self-promotion is difficult, since we don’t get into the heads of others well.Unfortunately, this can make relationships difficult, too.The benefit to dating or marrying an INTJ is that we carry our focus into relationships. We are inwardly-focused, so we spend quite a bit of time examining ourselves.They should be able to see the obvious benefits without being told, right? An Inspector is duty bound and loyal, to an extreme. Under stress, they can get stuck on the things that could go wrong, which would explain why I miss out on the confidence brought by being a mastermind.In any romantic or pair bond relationship, there are myriad ways that a couple communicates to each other. we’re looking for and sending endless signals to and from our mate.

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On some level we ‘get’ that other people see the world differently than we do, but without a solid model these differences end up becoming gender stereotypes.

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