Intimidating facebook status

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Intimidating facebook status

Elise, a design major at AUT, said that “even though the guys’ Facebook comments are in good humour, it’s still annoying to be judged on exterior values.” Imagine with every new male Facebook friendship all his mates infer that you’re sexually interested in him (which assumes the woman even has sex with men, or wants male attention at all).

Elise added, “I hate that they [guys commenting on her Facebook friendships] just assume I’m a potential hook up; something disposable.” A woman accepting you as a friend is not an entitlement. There are countless reasons why two people of the opposite sex would become Facebook friends: platonic friendship, professional relationship, sheer politeness—to name a few. So settle down with the rampant sexual innuendos, fellas.

Just because you’re keen by adding her, doesn’t mean she’s keen by accepting you.

When asked about the Facebook trend Aesha, a geography graduate based in Europe, replied, “it’s getting old.” “It’s shit when guys do it to someone where it isn’t obvious how they met and it could be a family friend or something.

This also means my opinions aren’t as readily dismissed. They might even listen to me, unlike the countless number of female writers who face abuse, patronising explanation, and gendered hatred from men just for doing their jobs.

There’s a new wave of ladness taking over Zuckerberg’s algorithm.

I can’t escape it and I don’t really call people out on it, which means I’m still very much a part of the problem. As a white, middle-class, able-bodied, cisgender male I’m aware that I’m among the most privileged group in society.“We have heard from observers on the American side that RCMP officers are making people reconsider crossing by saying things like ‘this is a bad way to try to begin your life in a new country’ while, in almost all cases, it is the ONLY way of beginning their lives in a new country.” added Darwish.“Last week, one officer told them to get back in the taxi, saying that if they crossed they would be sent back to their birth countries tomorrow – which is false.” “It seems clear that there has been a policy shift since the summer.This evades the issue entirely, placing blame on women for their response or emotional reaction, meaning you can go back to your sweaty lads’ huddle without having to reflect on what happens outside of it. Beatrice, working in journalism and communications, reminded guys making jokes about women that, “it’s also not funny if the girl isn’t laughing about it.”Yep, they do, but to a way lesser extent.Just because you were joking around and didn’t mean to offend anyone doesn’t make you free from responsibility. Judging from my newsfeed there doesn’t seem to be mobs of women armed with sexist one-liners and infinite supplies of @friend tags marauding every new friendship.

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Yesterday at .” Here are some examples I’ve seen of guys commenting on a new opposite-sex Facebook friendship: “Would finger her”; “Defiantly [sic] a pornstar with that name”; “On to another one already @tag [every single male they know].” Phwoah! The whole point is to draw attention to the new friendship usually for a few reasons. A “she’ll do” nod of the head as you sip your Tui at the rugby club. Thirdly it’s to insinuate the two friends have slept together.