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Sterbenz and the other critics of the site aren’t wrong, but they are promoting it, intentionally or not.It very well might be prostitution, but we’d be blind to imagine it won’t be popular.He feels the 18-25 aged group is gravitating towards the social networking sites like My Space.Supporting that trend, Lava developed an offshoot company, 50that has caught the attention of the 50-something dating crowd with a section on personals.

Compu Date has identified two distinct market segments.

Older singles often have different mind-sets than young people who join online dating sites, says Janet Siroto, editorial director of, which has seen its over-55 membership almost double in the past two years.

Baby Boomers March 16, 2008, Yahoo Personals, Lava Life, American Singles, and many more cover the largest part of the market by catering to the casual dating interests of the marketplace.

Online dating is moving into this infrastructure quickly through partnerships ad associations and novelty applications.

The Spark Networks of companies houses many of these type sites, although there are hundreds more.

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e Harmony, and Perfect are good examples of this segment because they use questionnaires and analytical systems to get an in-depth profile for better more serious matches.