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So it can end up being too weak or too powerful, and there is nothing you can do to adjust it.

Shape – For many women, the shape of their vibrator is not very important when using it.

If you share a house with others, you will naturally want to be discreet.

A noisy, loud vibrator isn’t going to help you achieve this!

If you currently struggle to orgasm either during sex or masturbation and require a lot of intense stimulation to get yourself over the edge, then mostly likely you’ll need a more powerful vibrator.Keep teasing yourself by gently trailing your vibrator around it, running it over the outside of your labia and above your clitoris until your body is crying out for more direct contact.Gentle Teasing is similar to the previous technique, except this time you will be focusing more directly on your vagina but only making very light contact.Start by applying the tip of your vibrator to the bottom of your vagina and slowly dragging it upwards towards your clit.Once you reach the top of your vagina, above your clit, slowly drag it back down.

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