Insecurity while dating

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Constantly wondering what your partner is thinking is a quick route to anxiety.

If they say one thing don't assume they mean another.

No meaningful relationship will always totally work all the time.

Being too black or white about relationships spells trouble.

What we fear will be 'the end of the world' if it happens never really is.

Sit down, close your eyes, and strongly imagine feeling relaxed and secure around your partner.

This may sound strange, but feeling that: "This relationship must be exactly as I think it should be! A sign of insecurity in relationships is when the desire for certainty becomes too strong.There are always some difficulties, but keep focussing on what is good.This doesn't mean that you have to accept anyone who will accept you, even if they are obviously not right for you.But it does mean that if there are occasional problems, you don't have to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' and become so destructive that the relationship ends or so clingy that your partner ends it for you. She stopped feeling she had to control what her partner thought or did and her new laidback attitude made it easier for their love to genuinely blossom.A good relationship is there for you to enjoy together, to share resources and develop together in healthy ways.

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Write next to this list all the ways your current partner is different and review this list regularly.

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