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Actress Helen Mirren spoke for many of these couples earlier this year when she said: ‘I think the power of partnership in marriage is under-recognised in our society.

That’s what makes marriages work, not sex.’In a sex-obsessed society, where everyone - young, old, male and female - seems to be boasting of how many times a week they ‘do it’, it may come as a relief to many that couples like Charlotte and Chris are happy to admit that sex plays no part in their marriages at all.

Buttler and fellow England player Steve Finn were also seen chatting to one of the prostitutes plying her trade from a window fronting on to the street.

But the drunken pair and another friend did not take up the girl’s offer of having 20 minutes of sex for the going rate of 50 euros.

A recent survey estimated that 15 to 20 per cent of couples have sexless relationships - defined by experts as making love fewer than ten times a year - while around 5 per cent go without altogether.The couple are loving in other ways, holding hands when they go out together, kissing one another goodnight before going to sleep and saying “I love you” at the end of telephone conversations.But Julian has 40 employees under him and says his job has become far more demanding in the years since their wedding.Cricket star Jos Buttler fooled around on his stag do and chatted to a prostitute in Amsterdam tonight after the England team director suggested players should stay away from high jinks.The England one day international player was seen staggering around drunkenly and harassing a moped driver with one day international captain Eoin Morgan while fellow England player Steve Finn threw a sex toy in the air and caught it.

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‘But one friend, who has a very active sex life, thinks it’s abnormal that Chris and I don’t make love.

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