Girls of divorce parents impact on dating emotions radiometric dating is false

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Among these children there is a higher frequency of depression, violence, learning and social deterioration, and high risk for suicidal attempts.

We describe the situation in Israel and recommend the appropriate management in these cases according to our experience and recently studies.

However, Amato [8] estimated that about 40% of the young adults of the divorced families -were in better condition than young people of the “regular” families.

Additional studies [5,9,10] listed several factors that may contribute to explain these differences:• “Stress” – the divorce process is accompanied by many changes in daily life of children, like changing schools, the child care, the home place, etc.

The competence of the parents after divorce has a significant impact on children.• Exposure to conflict between parents: this conflict exists in every family, especially in families who have experienced divorce.

The level of conflict to which children are exposed has a fatal impact on the well-being of children.

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There is no doubt that children are being affected by the sudden change in their familial environment as well as by additional influences that accompany the divorce process.