Futa hookup

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Futa hookup

I'll try to have a few steamy sex scenes each chapter, but every now and then you'll just have to enjoy some character development that doesn't involve penetration.

I'm sorry to say it guys, but for now, you're stuck as you are."Just then there was a knock at the door, Raven was standing there in her usual dark blue robe.The little blonde triangle of pubic hair was there and everything, she almost screamed. Karen has neighbors, with human ears, who wouldn't take too kindly to a super scream at o'clock in the morning. ""Something must have happened last night because now I have a dick between my legs! She pushed the hold button and answered Kara's call.*Click.*"Zatanna! Gotham was the next stop, Babs did her best to sneak out but Alfred caught her.Instead she hovered back onto her bed and called Zatanna, if anyone could handle this mess it would be her.*Phone Rings on Bedside table…*"Hello? He was cool about it, warned her to be careful and told her to have a nice day.He was in a bad mood, which put her in a tense, bad, mood.She snuck off to the bathroom, and while she started off rough, a little spit greased things up nicely.

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They also decided that, at least for now, that the Big 7 didn't need to know about their not so little problems.