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can never makeup his mind, always says he'll call, never does. Disappears for a few days, comes back for a few days, then disappears again .. He's a 28 year old guy who's only responsibility is to himself, I'm a 32 year old gal with two children to raise.

He introduces me to his friends as his "friend" and although he has never came out and called what we have casual, I am assuming it is, because we only see each other on Fridays and he seems perfectly happy with that.

I have stressed to him that I'd like to see him more, but it goes in one ear and out the other.

We have only known each other for about 2 months btw.

I have NO libra friends or family, and NO libra in my own chart!

so I'm pretty much oblivious when it comes to Libras, lol ... thanks for your thoughts yeah and there's no need to feel awkward if you bump into eachother, doesnt mean you have to hang around him when you're there....thing is you'll always been drawn back into his charms and that doesnt free you up to meet somebody who DOES want to give you the relationship.

We are just two very different types when it comes to dating, sex ect ... dont bother - when he comes back, tell him to his face...simple, break it off.

DONT remain friends, it doesnt work very're right, it is casual, there's nothing there other than the fun you have when you do hook up. WTF would he be revengeful if he can clearly see you dont want to be used? I did want to see him more, to get to know him better, but since I still don't know him any better then I did two months ago, and seeings how we will be running into each other quite a bit for awhile (we have a mutual friend who performs at local bars) I didnt want things to be awkward between us.

Like I said, in a social setting, he's an awsome guy to hang with.

Is this normal Cap behavior in an ongoing relahey, because you did an excellent job discribing a person in aprevious post id like to ask to do the same with the other one.

( both of them are people from my past) im just curious if astrology and some placements are equal to reality. h I met this guy around 2 weeks back online on an app. He extends the offer to help me in my work and we started to have regular calls.

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