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Free sex teatr

Charlie returns to the factory and begins reluctantly laying off his workers.

Lauren, one of the women on the assembly line, explodes at Charlie when given her notice, and stubbornly tells him that other struggling shoe factories have survived by entering an "underserved niche market".

He thanks Lauren for giving him the idea, and offers her a promotion.

She accepts, and is horrified but thrilled to realize she is falling for him ("The History of Wrong Guys").

Following the show's conception in 2006, the creative team was assembled by 2010.

Charlie announces that the factory will be moving ahead with production on the boots.Returning to London, Charlie meets his friend and fellow shoe salesman Harry, in a pub, to ask for help with the factory.Harry can only offer a temporary solution and advises Charlie not to fight the inevitable ("Take What You Got").She felt that its themes resonated and thought that the story had potential as source material for a musical.Independently, Hal Luftig saw the film in London and agreed "that its heart and humanity (and bigger-than-life leading 'lady') would translate well to musical theatre." Fierstein and Lauper had both gained previous critical acclaim and honors in their respective fields.

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In a broadcast interview with Patrick Healy of The New York Times, Lauper and Fierstein said that, in adapting the film, they stressed themes of community and the universality of the father-son bond as vehicles to explore the issues of tolerance and self-acceptance.

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