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Fling chateline

Moreouer they tooke away with them ten ſeueral bulles, conteyning certaine exemptions & immu|nities graunted to the Abbots and Monkes of Burie by ſundrie Biſhops of Rome.

Si|mon and Iude, in the ſayd firſt yeare of this king Edward the third, proceeded in ſuch wiſe againſt the ſayd Malefactors, y Iohn de Berton Cord|wayner, Robert Forton, and a great number of other were indyted of felonie, for the myſdemea|nours afore mentioned, and the Indytements ſo founde were after ſent and preſented vnto, Iohn Stonore, Walter de Friſkeney, Robert Malber|thorpe, and Iohn Bouſſer, who by vertue of the kings Commiſſion of Oier & Determiner to thẽ directed, ſat at S.And further, they were cõ|ſtreyned to ſeale a letter of releaſe for all actions, quarels, debts, tranſgreſſions, ſuites & demaũds, which the Abbot might in any wiſe clayme or proſecute againſt the ſayd Oliuer Kempe and o|thers in the ſame letters named. by the thirde obligation, and fur|ther they were driuen to ſeale a letter of releaſe of all treſpaſſes, and other things that myght bee demaunded agaynſte the ſayde Inhabitauntes, with a generall acquittaunce of all debts.For theſe wrõgs and other, as for that they would not permit the Abbots, Baylifes, and officers to kepe their ordi|narie courtes as they were accuſtomed to doe, as well three dayes in the weeke for the Market, to wit, Monday, Wedneſday and Fryday, as the Portman mote euery Tueſday three weekes, and further prohibit them from gathering ſuch tolles, cuſtomes, and yearely rentes, as were due to the Abbot for certain tenements in the towne, which were let to ferme, the Abbot brought his action againſt the ſaid Foxton, Drayton & others, & ha|uing it tried by an inqueſt, on the Friday next af|ter the feaſt of S. Beſide this, the ſayde riotous perſons tooke the ſame tyme forth of the Abbey great ryches, as well in plate, Armor, Bookes, apparell, as in o|ther things. yeare of the raigne of Lewes the fourth then Emperor, the ſe|uenth of Charles the fift king of Fraunce, the ſe|cõd of Andronicus Iunior Emperor of the Eaſt almoſt ended, and about the end of the .22. Hariſon in his Chronologie hath diligently recorded. yeres of age, ſo that to gouerne of himſelfe he was not ſuffici|ent, it was decreed that Theſe were ſworne of the kings counſaile, and charged with the gouernment as they woulde make an|ſwer.

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and ſuffred, were the chiefe authours, and procurors of the cõ|motion, bearing others in hande, that the Abbot had in his cuſtodie a certaine Charter, wherin the king ſhould grant to the inhabitants of the town of Burie, certaine liberties, whereby it might ap|peare that they were free, and diſcharged from the payment of dyuerſe cuſtomes & exactions: wher|vpon the ignorant multitude eaſily giuing credit to ſuch ſurmiſed tales, were the ſooner induced to attempt ſuch diſorders as before are mentioned.

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