Filthy chat lines

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Filthy chat lines

She said: "My friend made the mistake of letting me play Tinder on her phone." Bet she didn’t swipe right for that one. I love the idea of you kissing them, sucking my nipples and waggling them in your face. Your warm spunk will be dripping out of me for hours. I also love a guy to piss all over my face tits and ass and would love the idea of you drinking my piss too. Treat me like a cum-guzzling whore that you and your friends fuck relentless all night long, filling every hole with spunk Look at these massive big tits and imagine your cock fucking them as I squeeze your ass and play with your balls. I'm young enough to be dirty as fuck and old enough to teach you a few new ideas!Come and sniff it, lick it, finger it and get it all wet for me, then you can shove your fat cock into me and fuck me hard on my sofa tonight. I'm at home, on my own and looking for any horny guys to call me right now and have their wicked way with me! I'm friendly and easy-going so call now x Hey I'm Linda, a middle-aged milf wanting a good time on the phone.

I'd love you to wank off while I talk dirty and splatter your man juice all over them.I roll through North, that's all facts Tell a man that's facts, tell a girl that's facts [Verse 2: C Cane] Dem dere chat about things they won't have Dem dere chat about things they will do Dem dere chat about things they don't have Chat about lines but they can't move a Q Dem dere chat about haters they don't have Good youts tryna be a part of the crew Dem dere funky, dem dere don't bang So they hate 'cause I get love from gyal and dudes Too smooth like Bailey's Man are stunner like swagger that's in the 80s Ten-ten, no Benz, no Mercedes When I jump on mic, these others, they rate me, rate me Only right to bait me My bars, no gym, forever weighty Dem [?] against me So they're only overseas when they're inna the Haitis [Chorus: C Cane] Facts, that's nuttin' but facts Spit nuttin' but facts, don't like them facts?While it’s true that some pick up lines can be more effective than others, you will still want to have some ready to use for guys that you like.These days lots of women are used dirty pick up lines to catch guys and bring them into their bedrooms.

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If there is a certain guy that you want to seduce, these lines will work like a charm.

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