Elucidating the mechanism of cellular agency holding companies consolidating agencies

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Elucidating the mechanism of cellular

A greater understanding of the shape effect on GNP-cell interactions would aid the development of effective tools for drug delivery.However, there have been few studies on cellular uptake of GNPs with different shapes and most of the attention has been given to spherical nanoparticles.Treatment of cells with P-GNPs for 24 h revealed that these nanoparticles were nontoxic over the concentration range of 2.5 μg/m L to 40 μg/m L.

2D), which corresponded to the transverse longitudinal plasmon resonance of the elongated tips. 2F, the GNTs had a major plasmon band at 635 nm corresponding to the in-plane band; the band at 575 nm was related to the byproducts of the gold nanoparticles.

GNSs had neutral surface charge, whereas GNTs and GNRs were highly positively charged.

They all possessed a neutral potential after modification with m PEG (Fig. Then we obtained the nanoparticles with similar sizes and surface potentials, as shown in Table 1.

The intracellular concentrations of gold after incubation for 8 h with P-GNSs, P-GNRs, and P-GNTs were 0.098 ± 0.0003 pg/cell, 0.463 ± 0.047 pg/cell, and 0.488 ± 0.003 pg/cell, respectively.

In term of % added, the uptake from the total gold were 0.25%, 1.16%, and 1.22%.

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