Egg quad updating discriminator

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However, automation of such a procedure has become a necessity. 3,757,299, entitled "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING THE SIZE OF ZONES OF INHIBITION IN AN ASSAY MEDIUM" issued on Sept. Similarly, with many such apparatus the holder of the sample covers a portion of the sample itself and, therefore, the entire area cannot be scanned.

Additionally, while a simple count of the number of colonies can be carried out manually, it is often desired to select only a particular area of the sample and restrict the count to that area. 4, 1973, and assigned to the assignee of the present invention, describes various types of pattern recognition and measuring systems for certain types of colonies and similar microbiological items to be detected. As a result, the count scanned is not a complete count for the entire sample, and no compensation is provided for such automatic counting.

Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a particle counter whereby an aperture of the sample can be selected for scanning and the absolute area of both the selected area as well as the particles scanned within that area are selectively counted.

Such variations and specialized counting further necessitates the need for automation in the field of microbiological counting. It is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide an improved counter, measurement and display device which avoids the problems of prior art devices.

A special circuit determines and automatically adjusts to the optimum operating level.

A circuit is available to provide size histograms of objects in the field of view.

An automatic counter which can scan either micro or macro sized objects in a field and provide both a visual display of the scanned objects as well as a digital count or measurement of the objects.

A video camera is focused onto the sample and produces a video output signal which is processed and ultimately displayed on a video display together with an appropriate flag signal on each object identified.

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