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All of these indicate that the brain and body is not getting enough oxygen and the person should receive medical care. She added: 'When she came in, she told us it's what's called dry drowning. There was nothing else they could do for him.' Gio Vega (left), age two, nearly died after swallowing a small amount of water during a swim at a community pool in Colorado.Francisco Delgado III, known as Baby Frankie to his parents, was swimming with his family at the Texas City dike. and Tara said the boy started to complain of stomach pains shortly after getting out of the water, but they figured he just has a regular bug. His father Garon Vega (right) heard Frankie's story and took him to the doctor Staff Sgt.

Dr Pitetti said a child will not be able to breathe or have a very hard time breathing, coughing and gasping for air.

Dry drowning normally happens to children because their bodies are so small (file image)Dry drowning isn't limited to swimming pools and it can happen in any body of water, including the bathtub.

It occurs in one to two percent of drowning accidents and most cases occur in children because of their small size, although it still can happen to adults.

There’s even a video, showing an illustration of a woman directing her hairdryer’s nozzle up her skirt, saying that blowdrying will get rid of the bacteria left over after sex. Using a blow-dryer on a low heat setting on your pubic hair is mostly fine, as long as you focus on the top section, above the clitoris, rather than angling it towards your more sensitive areas.

So yes, blowdrying the vagina and vulva is indeed a thing that’s happening in the world – likely because, somehow, the idea has been spread that this is an effective way to get rid of yeast infections, particularly after sex. Yeast infections are a massive p*sstake, and we’d do plenty to avoid them. Using a blow-dryer on your vulva, by which we mean the clitoris and labia, is not so safe.

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Secondary drowning is different than dry drowning because water actually reaches the lungs.

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  1. Church, this issue shapes our young people, friends, and family more than we could ever imagine. “Let’s just sit back and see what happens” might work in certain scenarios, but Christian dating isn’t one of them.