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I should note that this experience differs significantly from those that took the module under a previous instructor, so I can obviously only speak for what I took.As I understood it, Prof Smith recently took over this module and he changed a few parts to teach students based on what his understanding of the module’s purpose was as well as what he hoped to inculcate in his students after they were done.

The first half of the module covers theoretical concepts – Cultural Relativism vs Moral Universalism, concepts of Globalization, Global Governance and Government, substantive values like Human Rights and procedural values like Democratic and Legitimacy.Having gotten an A- for my exegetical essay and A- for my midterms, I expected somewhere between a B and A-.B if I screwed up the finals or competition was tougher than expected, A- if I performed as per normal. Perhaps competition wasn’t as tough as assumed, but indeed, I feel somewhat bad for those who put in more time and effort and yet didn’t get the grade they deserved.Prof Smith himself comes from the realm of Political Philosophy, giving him a great ability to dissect arguments and their counterarguments while posing difficult questions for students to ponder upon.I did enjoy the consultations I had with him even though most of them weren’t specifically about the course material, because it’s fascinating to have someone to talk and discuss these bigger questions about and have them show where one might have made a mistake or so.

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