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Decent sillage not extremely long lasting but more than 4 hours. You certainly smelled it in a dozen other perfumes before.First of all – we are talking about completely unisex type of fragrance tha opens up with incredibly fresh and spicy punch of bergamot and citruses and a hint of pear – although not very sweet one. I wouldn`t get it for myself, as I have other summer perfumes a lot more distinctive than this one, but if I didn`t I might get a small bottle just to have something for the warmer days.Base notes leave a cover of woody accords of sandalwood, cedar, olive wood and sensual musk.

Helps aid seasonal depression because I definitely feel better wearing this during the wintry blues.

It is created for irresistible experience for all senses.

The fragrance Versace Versense is composed of natural tones and it is a picture of awakening of nature, evoking feeling of freedom, movement and balance of internal energy with surroundings and nature.

If i striped this raw it would be: Lime, Jasmin, Olive and Sandalwood = citrus froral green creamy-wood ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ My new favoyrite : P I love it, I miss it, I want it. I used to spray all of the time- however I went through a phase when I thought I didn't like it anymore- this is because first spritz is very chemical however the dry down after a few minutes is truly mesmerizing it screams sexy.

This scent is masculine and different to most fragrances on the market for women- it could easily pass for unisex in my opinion. Citrus woody perfumes have and will always be my favourite, and this fragrance reaffirmed why this is so- I tested this scent yesterday and I am smelling the strip as I type this now and this fragrance is just profound. Definitely in the top 10 sexiest fragrances I have ever tried.

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Definitely in my top 5 citrus fragrances of all time. Perfect for spring and fall- However I am planning on wearing all year round. It is stylish, sophisticated, and not overly sweet. The citrus is obvious, but on my skin, as opposed to the paper strip, it's a really creamy blend, with fig and musk also getting the spotlight.