Diy dating scam

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Diy dating scam

The con actively cultivates a romantic relationship which often involves promises of marriage.However, after some time, it becomes evident that this Internet "sweetheart" is stuck in his or her home country or a third country, lacking the money to leave and thus unable to be united with the mark.

Confidence tricks and scams are difficult to classify, because they change often and often contain elements of more than one type.

The scam then becomes an advance-fee fraud or a check fraud.

A wide variety of reasons can be offered for the trickster's lack of cash, but rather than just borrow the money from the victim (advance fee fraud), the con-man normally declares that he has checks which the victim can cash on his behalf and remit the money via a non-reversible transfer service to help facilitate the trip (check fraud).

This trick was featured in the HBO series Deadwood, when Al Swearengen and E. Farnum trick Brom Garret into believing gold is to be found on the claim Swearengen intends to sell him. The Spanish Prisoner scam – and its modern variant, the advance-fee scam or "Nigerian letter scam".

The basic premise involves enlisting the mark to aid in retrieving some stolen money from its hiding place.

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Large cheques stolen from businesses are mailed to the mark.

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