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Deaf and blind dating

Within hours of arriving, Eliza was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with streptococcus pneumococcal meningitis; a serious bacterial form of the infection that can cause death even with treatment.After spending seven weeks in hospital enduring seizures and developing blood poisoning, doctors say Eliza has been left deaf in one ear, partially blind and brain damaged.Michael Bienenstock ► Interview: Bridgit Bonheyo ► Interview: Brent Ehrig► Interview: Terol Galien► Interview: Connie Rubery ► Interview: Belinda Vicars ► Interview: Bill Vicars ► Japanese Deaf Culture ► Jeanpher Memorial Deaf Preschool (Zambia) ► Job Advice: How to get a job teaching ASL► Jokes► Judaism► Karaoke for the Deaf ► Keller, Helen | 2 | ► Kinect Sign Language Translator ► Labels in the Deaf Community► Language Deprivation ► Language Development: Comparing Hearing and Deaf Babies ► Language Acquisition | 2 | ► Language: Early Acquisition | 2 | ► Language Extinction | 2► Language Of the Deaf Community► Late Deafened Adult1 | 2 | Reflections► Law Enforcement and the Deaf | 2► Learning ASL: Why study ASL?► Learning ASL: Getting practice► Learning ASL: Hints ● Learning Disabilities► Left-handed signers | 2► Left-handed numbering► Lexicalized Fingerspelling ► Lexicon vs Vocabulary: What's the difference?► Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee► ABC Stories ► ABCOS15► Abuse: "Deaf Abuse" ► Academic Diglossia ► Accents in ASL?► Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) 1 | 2 | 3 | ► Accommodating Disabled Hearing Students in the ASL classroom► Accreditation► ACTFL Guidelines ► Actresses and Actors, Deaf► Adolescent Development ► Adopt a Deaf Child / Deaf Adoption ► Adult Late-Deafened in Finland: Is Signing a Right or Privilege?► Interpreting in the Classroom: Helpful or Harmful?► Interpreter fees ► Interpreter: How to become a sign language interpreter► Interpreter Pay► Interviews Index► Interview: General interview for practicing ASL ► Interview Dr.

► Americans with Disabilities Act► American Society for Deaf Children ► Ameslan► Animals and Sign Language ► Architecture and the Deaf► Arthritis and ASL ► Articulation ► Art and Entertainment, Deaf ► Artistic Signing► Artists, Deaf | 2► ASL [1] (a brief definition)► ASL (definition)► Assimilation● Assistive Technology: Communication Devices for the Deaf ► Athletes, Advantages of Deaf► Attention Getting Techniques 1 | 2 ► Audism 1 | 2 (Note: Audism is different from Autism.

She's also had to endure five MRI scans, three CT scans and three operations.

Family friends Gill and Garth Wyse said: 'Eliza is now stable.

British parents have revealed their horror after their ten-month-old daughter has been left brain damaged after being struck down with meningitis while on holiday.

Marc and Amy Young, from Rishton in Lancashire, took their toddler Eliza Jane to Malta at the end of May.

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Deaf Students: "Do you have Deaf students in your ASL classes? " ► Delayed Speech (a brief personal account) ► Delimitations of Signs ("sign delimitations") ► Dentistry and the Deaf ► Dining, Deaf ► Differences between signs taught by teachers► Directionality (verb agreement)► Disability: "Deafness as a Disability" / 2● Discourse / Conversation negotiation techniques► Distinctions project► Driving and the Deaf | Drivers Licenses | Driving Schools and the Deaf Documentation Form► Dogs: "Hearing Dogs" | Canine Sign Language | Deaf Dogs | Dogs and Sign Language | Canine Companions for Independence | ► Driving: "Deaf Drivers"► Drug Awareness and Treatment Services for the Deaf in a Hearing World (also see: Substance Abuse) ► Drug Abuse and Deaf People ► Drugs, Alcohol, and the Deaf ► Dummy Hoy and Dummy Taylor► Dyslexia and Fingerspelling ► Early Intervention: "Sign Language in Early Intervention" ► Eating: How do you eat and sign at the same time?

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