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Dating site protocol

Given two socially well adjusted participants it allows either party to back down without hurting the other parties feelings and allows everyone to save face.

The person escalating the flirtation doesn't feel bad because they aren't outright denied and the respondee isn't put in the awkward situation of having to deny someone.

In the worst case consider a child who was bullied and turned to tech, who gained financially useful tech skills but missed out on social skills.

Seems we should either provide relevant welfare for both or neither...But being bad at flirting means they often don't get a chance to demonstrate the other qualities they could bring to a relationship.No one said that, but these people need to either work on improving themselves (which most people definitely can) or they have to deal with the fact that a vast majority of women will never be interested in them.It also has the added benefit of allowing each person to get to know each other better and figure out if they actually have real 'chemistry' to begin with.Furthermore, attraction isn't binary, you might initially start chatting with someone with the intention of escalating the flirting process but figure out, hey, I just want to be friends with this person!

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With the SENPAI protocol you might just end up in an ill fated relationship with your would be friend This technique is described in the paper:2.4 The Start Out As Friends Protocol The Start Out As Friends Protocol (SOAP), as presented by [9], is summarized in Figure 1.

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