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Dating rickenbacker lap steels

The owner has a family member photographed with the instrument in 1949. (1.5in horseshoe pickup, volume and tone controls, placed on opposite sides of the guitar) In attempting to find information, I saw a 1936 catalog on the official Rickenbacker website which not only mentions a 7 string Bakelite lap steel, but gives string and tuning instructions. Yet, in the '36 catalog, the trademark has the spelling "RICKENBACKER". It might help place the date of my mom's guitar The volume control pot was, if I am reading the evidence correctly, replaced at some point.

It also seems to have a number of 1946 features as well so I am not sure. The tone control pot looks more likely to be original.

7 string models are built out of a 6 string body and neck, Thus the string spacing on 7 string models is narrower, which makes slants a little more difficult.

Rickenbacker has even used 6 string necks for some of their 8 string models, which are really "no-slanters" (IMNSHO) as the string spacing becomes very narrow.10 string models were built on special order only.

As on the "Fry-pan" they all featured an electromagnetic "Horse-shoe-magnet"-pick-up, invented not by Mr. "Bakelite"), black in color (much like the old telephones), a concept for which the company immediately filed and received a patent. This was the first electric solid body instrument with this feature ever (a feature they seem to have forgotten to file a patent for...

Oooops).1 or 2 controls: If two, they're located on opposite plates, not both on the treble side plate.

If one (volume), chances are the knob will be of an octagonal shape (first two years). Later and until August 10th 1937, the little tabs or "ears" on each side of the pick-up will bear a "PAT PEND.".

In all generations, 7 string models are rarer than 6 string and also considered the most desirable for their versatility and playability. The edges of the magnet appear sharply squared off. Post-war instruments had Phillips-head screw height adjustments. I am not sure of the width of the horseshoe at the present time. The bottom plate has the name "Centralab, Milwaukee" followed by some patent numbers. The printed number that is located on the top (adjusting shaft) side is "10101384". (I hope that's the correct value) John OK, let's really analyze this instrument.

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codes for dating purposes were not used until after the war. My guess is that you will find a patent pending or patent number stamp on the treble side pickup mount surrounding the height adjustment nut.

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