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--Credits to: rightful owner Give your own synopsis or get it from somewhere.

Here comes Fuyu (Nicky) he was with her when she went to the hospital.

But, Greg dumb as shit actually refused, which ended up getting him stationed in South Korea. He even said it himself, when he said he was a conscientious objector. They probably realized that he was too much of a faggot be in the military.

If it had been Best Korea he would probably have learned a thing or two about right from wrong. How can he be Pro American when he refused to follow military orders? Because the only way you would ever have to learn basic survival skills is if you attended SERE in order to become a pilot or Spec-Ops, you'd have to be 20, and he joined You Tube the same month as he turned 20, so once again Greg is full of shit. He created his first You Tube account in 2006 where he had the idea to make a channel full of mundane rants about everyday shit, the first of which can be found here. My mom was originally told that I was going to turn out retarded, probably because when I was born my head was 14 1/2 inches around, and my chest was 13 1/2.

So the question is: Are Korean Dramas a good introduction to Korean culture? Of course, it is always a tricky thing to glean a country by the way it is depicted in a TV show. Nope, the lifeguards usually wear shorts and sometimes a shirt.

For example, although the Korean has visited the beaches of America many times over, he has never seen this type of thing... And in case of an emergency, they usually run as fast as they can, not in slow motion.

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