Dating my fender amp emailing back and forth dating

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Dating my fender amp

How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured?

How can I find out when my Korean-made instrument was manufactured?

Although the service derived using the charts below will likely be dating good approximation, they should not be considered dating.

This sticker is a chart that shows the types of tube types used and the order Ukraine their physical location in the amplifier, and may be singles with two-letter date codes that denote the year first letter and month second letter of production.

On early amps, this material was varnished to make it a more durable covering.

Seriql amp types, in vertical and diagonal weaves, were used.

Her condition is excellent there are no marks or tears anywhere on the amp, the control panel is also exellent and it was just checked out by Voodoo Amps and in perfect working order.

The only mod's done to her was to add a Bios pot and New tubes the mod's were also done by Voodoo Amps. Tube Label: Model: 5F6-A Quality Assurance Label: LG Thanking You in Advance for Your Time -- Lou ) with 4-10 inch 8 ohm Jensen P10R speakers, 2 12AX7 and 2 6L6 tubes is valued at 0.00 to 0.00 USD in excellent condition.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to date a Fender Vibro-King based on it's serial number. The only letter is a scrawled W on the sign off plate.. I think it is a fairly late model, but then what the heck do i know.. I'm not the resident expert by a long ways, Although Fender says that they didn't keep records for amps manufactured before 1994, there are some guys here who will be able to help some once they find this post.....For example, EIA would denote the 21st week of It is also advisable to add about 6 months to the date to allow for time these parts may have spent in inventory storage.Several excellent books are available that contain reliable and invaluable information on the history of Fender amplifiers. They are detailed reference resources with a wealth of information on determining the production years of various amplifiers and on Fender history in general.I have googled , binged, etc etc....folks were my last hope. Thanks jim in gold bar Here's Fender's support link for dating amps. It doesn't tell too much though, seems like they never did good records for amps unlike guitars.

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