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Dating ladyboys pattaya

Dance to a range of party music at the Mixx Discotheque Pattaya.

The sophisticated bar offers a fun atmosphere for visitors.

There are two spacious rooms inside, the Crystal Palace on the right and the Rouge Club on the left.

The Crystal Palace plays house and trance music, while the Rouge Club plays R&B and hip hop.

The Lita Bar is one of the best ladyboy bars in Pattaya.

Located on Soi 13/2, the stunning ladyboys will be more than happy to entertain guests.

In 1981, two promising fighter pilots take a test in a centrifuge, in order to become astronauts.

Unfortunately their brains undergo irreversible damage, and that is reclassified as porters...

Instead of allowing visitors to enjoy a collection of arts the usual way, the art is brought to life by the Art in Paradise. Visiting Pattaya will bring you the happiness you’ve been looking for.

You can have drinks here at reasonable prices, while at the same time being entertained by the ladyboy of your choice.

There is no area in Thailand that is busier than the Walking Street!

The world-famous cabaret shows are without doubt great fun, featuring the katoeys, better known as ladyboys.

For a break from Pattaya's hectic pace, visit Wat Khao Prayai, a quiet, hilltop temple complex with great views.

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