Dating in guernsey channel islands are richard wisker and dani harmer dating

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Dating in guernsey channel islands

When the weather is clear, temperature extremes can range from a winter morning low of 23° F (−5° C) to more than 86° F (30° C) on a summer afternoon.Precipitation averages 28 to 39 inches (700 to 1,000 millimetres) per year.The current English name (in general use since the early 18th century) probably derives from the designation “canal” in Dutch sea atlases of the late 16th century.Earlier names had included Oceanus Britannicus and the British Sea, and the French have regularly used La Manche (in reference to the sleevelike coastal outline) since the early 17th century.downwarp tendency occur as early as 270 million years ago.A continuation of the Seine River valley system north of the Cotentin Peninsula of Normandy complicates the relief forms.

Often, but especially from October to April, it is cloudy, chilly, and wet, with strong winds and poor visibility.

At other times, it is fair and dry, with light winds and good visibility.

During periods of unsettled weather, daytime high temperatures rise to about 54° F (12° C) in winter and 68° F (20° C) in summer.

The channel has been shaped by the effect upon its rock strata (with their varying degrees of hardness) of such forces as weathering and erosion (when much of the area was dry land), sea-level changes, and contemporary erosion and deposition by marine currents.

The floor of the western channel generally is 200 to 400 feet deep and is relatively flat and featureless, reflecting fairly uniform rock types, mostly limestone.

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