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Dating domestic violence facts

Signs of an abusive relationship include jealousy, possessiveness, isolating and controlling behavior, threats and intimidations, put-downs and name-calling, yelling, breaking things, physical and sexual assault, and financial coercion or control.The rate of dating/domestic violence among undergraduate and graduate students is about the same rate as in the general population.Violence is often cyclical in abusive relationships.Consequently an apology and promise to end the behavior will often follow an episode of abuse which contributes to the attitude that the behavior may change.

There are many misconceptions often used by individuals to justify the domestic abuse.

Unfortunately, without the will to change and the appropriate psychological assistance the abuse will not end.

The victim may stay for practical or emotional reasons including love, fear of reprisal such as more injury or ultimately death, social isolation or shame.

Fact: People who are abused by their dating or domestic partner do not stay in the relationship because they like being bullied.

Most victims want to improve their relationship rather than end it.

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Relationship violence among teenagers exists and can include physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

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