Danny raco dating

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Danny raco dating

Episode 12.01 (458) Wed, February 02, 2005 Produced by Gus Howard Written by Elizabeth Coleman Directed by Chris Langman Tom Croydon is suspended from duty pending a Coroner's Inquest into a murder he's suspected of committing, and Mark Jacobs has taken control of the station.

Nick Schultz is back helping PJ with the murder investigation, but it seems young Kelly is the only person who truly believes in Tom's innocence.

Amy has to deal with a 14-year-old confession from a failed armed robber who just won't shut up.

She does her best to fob the case off on other unsuspecting Heelers.

It is the second child the again-pregnant woman has lost in suspicious circumstances and comes only a week after another SIDS death in town — and the details are identical. Jonesy and Susie head off to make a simple arrest for a drive-off (driving away without paying for petrol) but find themselves cuffed together and held hostage in an onion packing shed by the offender's over-protective mother.

When Tom realises that her leniency towards two women accused of stealing their friend's new plasma TV has simply caused an escalation of the crime, and that she deliberately misled him, he insists that Mark get rid of her.

PJ and Amy investigate a peculiar bank robbery, where the robber insisted on taking a very specific sum and Kelly and Joss reluctantly investigate the disappearance of a goat.

Tom is convinced Danny O'Keefe is somehow behind it, but his efforts to bring him to justice are frustrated.

Meanwhile, the basketball has somehow turned to soccer and Joss invites his soccer-star brother, Tony, to run a coaching clinic.

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Guest Starring: Charlie Clausen as Snr Const Alex Kirby; Roslyn Oades as Miranda Cooper, Jono Burns as Jason Cooper, Sharni Page as Olivia Harris, Dean Jarred as Baby David Cooper, Johnny Flynn as Daryl Dumbo Bartlett, Mickey Camilleri as Pauline Bartlett, Val Jellay as Marjorie Price, Tharini Mudaliar as Dr Ambekar Note: Charlie Clausen's first appearance, he is added to the starring cast in the next episode Episode 12.05 (462) Wed, March 02, 2005 Written by Ted Roberts Directed by Chris Langman PJ and Amy are called to a vicious home invasion at a mansion on the outskirts of Mt Thomas where a teenage boy has been cut with a knife in an effort to force his mother to open the safe.

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