Cruising for sex free chat

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Cruising for sex free chat

Why It Will Catch On: Hmm..the other hook up sites have died?Why It Sucks: It's ugly, there aren't enough guys, it's confusing, and you have to pay for it. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals from all over the world ready to connect live.For Live Gay Video Chat, go to our new site, the #1 gay chat community on the net!

Most of our gay chats are completely free without registration.

Why It Will Catch On: The economy has melted and no one has a job.

Why It Sucks: You get what you pay for, and in this case, you'll be paying a copay for that rash you have in the morning.

Starting August, 2017 there is a change in timing to publish new Places and Reviews and to check emails generated by the Contact Form page. [Read more...]Thank you for your patience and support. It’s under new ownership and the place is popping with activity.

~ Bob S., Manager/Editor Stopped by to check the scene while visiting the first weekend in February. Sucked three big black cocks and was fucked by two. True, there are a lot of older queens wearing swi... We usually get the arcade and theater pass for the eight hours and kind of go out for beers and dinner or lunch if the place is slow and come back later. I stop here on my way back from work or from cruising the Macy's bathroom at the Woodbridge Mall a couple of times a month and the place usually has some action going on. Just beyond the Waikiki Aquarium and the Natatorium.

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